Hi everyone!

My name is Karen, I live on the (sometimes) sunny NSW Central Coast, have a partner who has three great kids, have 4 1/2 dogs (share one with the partner), and am discovering the world of paper crafts and scrapbooking!

Started scrapbooking approx 5 yr ago, and have realised it's an ever evolving craft ... so many new things, techniques etc coming out all the time - it's hard to keep up! For example, recently discovered Copic markers - oh what fun we are having now! As a consequence, my house is always one of organised chaos lol.

I fund my hobbies (or habits, I haven't decided which yet) working as a pet groomer here on the coast, which also caters for my love of animals. I have been showing dogs since I was 8 yr old, and will never be with a canine companion. Next year, hopefully one of the girls will be having puppies - a whole new subject to scrap!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The week ahead ...

Well, this evening we are heading back to the coast ... back to working and slightly warmer weather, I hope!

Tonight, have to finish off the dog coats I am making for Wiz the Pug, and Thunder the British Bulldog, so I can take them to work with me tomorrow. Must remember to get the clothes washed as well, or I will have nothing to wear to work this week!

Thursday night, is my 3rd scrapbooking class using Copic markers - I'm having so much fun learning how to use them! Looks like my scrapbooking is going to expand into cardmarking and stamping - guess it just means more mess!

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