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My name is Karen, I live on the (sometimes) sunny NSW Central Coast, have a partner who has three great kids, have 4 1/2 dogs (share one with the partner), and am discovering the world of paper crafts and scrapbooking!

Started scrapbooking approx 5 yr ago, and have realised it's an ever evolving craft ... so many new things, techniques etc coming out all the time - it's hard to keep up! For example, recently discovered Copic markers - oh what fun we are having now! As a consequence, my house is always one of organised chaos lol.

I fund my hobbies (or habits, I haven't decided which yet) working as a pet groomer here on the coast, which also caters for my love of animals. I have been showing dogs since I was 8 yr old, and will never be with a canine companion. Next year, hopefully one of the girls will be having puppies - a whole new subject to scrap!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

... to finish with a relaxing Sunday evening

Have had a busy weekend ... over to David's after work on Friday - we have Katelyn this weekend, so as usual, Friday night wasn't a relaxing affair, but the usual getting Katelyn organised and off to bed.

Saturday, was starting work early, and was determined to that Ellie over for a bath, especially after her accident on Tuesday, when she also wet herself in shock. But getting Katelyn up and dressed with hair done and shoes found isn't as easy as it sounds!

Long, busy day at work (nothing unusual for a Saturday); home a little after 4pm, and had organised for David to come over at 5.30pm. Once again, Katelyn was determined to stay up, but like most nights, she falls asleep most easily when being read to. She is also finally sleeping through the night, waking somewhere between 5.30 and 6am, which isn't too bad - she has Ellie to play with so we still get a bit of a lie in. It would be interesting to know if she is still sleeping in her mother's bed at home (probably) and whether she is still getting up twice through the night. Mind you, if she is, there is no way that information will be offered up willingly.

Slow day today ... weather on the miserable side; just when it starts to look ok, the clouds come over and it rains, so really can't plan any outdoor activities. Although, David did get the opportunity to walk Ellie tonight without getting wet!

I'm pretty sure Katelyn had a good weekend - she is starting to work out now that she can be herself here, but when she goes home to mum, I think she is not letting on that she has enjoyed herself . She can't miss the dislike that her mother must have for her father, and I don't think she wants to have her mother's disapproval.

We dropped her back to her mum at the usual 5pm, which this evening has given me the time to start on her birthday card, and a stamped Alicia the Strawberry Pirate done in black and white (will upload soon) Really enjoying my Copics, although I didn't dare get them out whilst Katelyn was here, as I know she would absolutely destroy them! She does love her colouring in, and painting, but at her age, cheap textas from Kmart are still the same as expensive Copics!

David is working tomorrow, so I will get up with him and at least organise his lunch, or he would forget it. have a bit of housework to do, but also plan to nick down to Erina Fair to get a birthday present for Katelyn (it's this coming thursday) and craft stuff to finish her card, and finish the pirate one as well.

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