Hi everyone!

My name is Karen, I live on the (sometimes) sunny NSW Central Coast, have a partner who has three great kids, have 4 1/2 dogs (share one with the partner), and am discovering the world of paper crafts and scrapbooking!

Started scrapbooking approx 5 yr ago, and have realised it's an ever evolving craft ... so many new things, techniques etc coming out all the time - it's hard to keep up! For example, recently discovered Copic markers - oh what fun we are having now! As a consequence, my house is always one of organised chaos lol.

I fund my hobbies (or habits, I haven't decided which yet) working as a pet groomer here on the coast, which also caters for my love of animals. I have been showing dogs since I was 8 yr old, and will never be with a canine companion. Next year, hopefully one of the girls will be having puppies - a whole new subject to scrap!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A new philosophy....

I have decided, I think, that I should really try to leave what happens in the past, where it is. I don't mean everything, of course, as some actions, whether made by others or yourself, impact your life for sometime into the future, but I mean the little things - the things that don't need to influence your future .... think there is a saying "Don't sweat the little things" - I have to do that more often, or I'm just going to end up loosing sight of the big things

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