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My name is Karen, I live on the (sometimes) sunny NSW Central Coast, have a partner who has three great kids, have 4 1/2 dogs (share one with the partner), and am discovering the world of paper crafts and scrapbooking!

Started scrapbooking approx 5 yr ago, and have realised it's an ever evolving craft ... so many new things, techniques etc coming out all the time - it's hard to keep up! For example, recently discovered Copic markers - oh what fun we are having now! As a consequence, my house is always one of organised chaos lol.

I fund my hobbies (or habits, I haven't decided which yet) working as a pet groomer here on the coast, which also caters for my love of animals. I have been showing dogs since I was 8 yr old, and will never be with a canine companion. Next year, hopefully one of the girls will be having puppies - a whole new subject to scrap!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a week!

So much has happened in the last week!

As per usual, monday week ago, I posted my entries for any online challenge blogs I had chosen to do, then went home after spending the weekend at my partner's house, as I work tuesdays through saturdays. Coming home with me was my new foster greyhound, Muddles, a big black & white boy who is so lovely :-) Anyway, I went to work tuesday, and when I got home, decided that Mudds really needed a walk after dinner. However, Muddles is lame in one hindquarter, which is why I think he's in rescue, as he had a pretty good racing career.

Anyhoo, off we went. There was a point along the walk that I stopped - I could have either continued walking, and made it quite a long walk for Mudds, or cut down some stairs and thru a lane, cutting the length of the walk in half. I decided to cut the walk short - after all, the poor boy was lame. So down the stairs we went. First flight, all good. second flight - not so good. Mudds, I think, missed a step, freaked out a little (coz he lost his footing) tangled me up and down I went - well, most of me anyway. I landed about 3 steps further down, but my left foot stayed on the step it was last on.

Now, foot is hurting like hell - I lifted my leg and brought my foot down to where I could see it - and I didn't like what I saw : my foot was sticking out sideways.

Now, all you doggy people will understand this, but those of you who aren't doggy people will call me silly, coz all I had left home with was poo bags for the dog. No phone, no money, house keys hidden in external laundry. I thought poo bags would be all I would need. So there I was, sitting, in the dark, with a dog, and a busted ankle.

Thankfully, in that particular area, there are a lot of villas, town houses and units - so I just started to yell - "Help, at bottom of Albany street stairs, I need help" Took a few minutes, but eventually, the neighbours came out - probably thought it was some whack job :-) One gentleman bought a phone, so I called David - couldn't call an ambulance, could I, as I had a whopping big greyhound with me! Anyway, off to hospital we went.

Upshot of this all is, spent the next three nights in hospital. Had surgery to repair broken fibula on wednesday morning (also had other side of ankle stitched up as I had poked the tibia out thru the skin), another 48 hr on IV antibiotics, then home friday lunchtime. Now camped on David's lounge for 6 weeks - thank God for digital tv, laptop computers and wonderful men :-)

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